Seeing red

Just for a change, I thought I would throw a bit of colour into the usual black-and-white mix. I’ve been a holding pattern or something for the last couple of weeks, although holding on to what exactly, I’m not entirely sure. Maybe we could call it a bit of a fug. A lull. A I-just-need-to-get-through-the-next-few-weeks-at-work situation.

Which is why all the red. Needed a bit of colour to wake myself up, jog me out of the blehs. Either you think “Happy!”/celebration (as I do), or your brain shouts “Danger, danger, Will Robinson!” when red appears. Either way, it’s sure to provide a nudge of sorts.

A nudge every now and again isn’t a bad thing.

Lighting at Willing Bros

The lighting set-up above was from Willing Bros in Hobart, from a few weeks back. I was drawn to the light just like a doomed moth. There were lots of people clustered around the bar, of course, but I wasn’t as interested in them as I was the lights.

Raise the red lanternsThe ‘raise the red lanterns’ shot was taken last Saturday, at the Night Noodle Markets, which wrapped up the following night. I know some people dismiss this event as an exercise in paying for average-tasting ‘street food’ at over-inflated prices, but I don’t mind it every other year or so. Some years, it feels like too much hard work to brave the crowds and queues after a long hard day at the office, but it was more palatable with the Markets being open on the weekend this year. And really, I’m all for eating outdoors in the park.

Marrakech redI should’ve bought one of these tassels when I saw them in Marrakech in July. Truth is the only things I came away with from that visit was too many photos and a sore ankle.


3 thoughts

  1. I went to the noodle markets again. I like it except for the queues. Still haven’t tried those noodle burgers yet- I’m not sure what the fuss is. And I gave up on joining the gelato messina queue – that needed a whole night just to get to the front.

    • The queues are pretty off-putting, aren’t they? It seems Sydney’s obsession with Gelato Messina is as strong as ever. I’m too old to queue these days. 😉

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