Time goes by

I realise and hereby acknowledge that I’ve been on a bit of a downer of late, dissatisfied, restless; and for this I apologise.

We weathered winter, and now spring has sprung – and I won’t continue with the clichés – for which I’m sure you’re relieved! But what I mean is, in this nether hemisphere, springtime reminds me that we are rushing toward the end of the year and I start to wonder about what I’ve done so far… has there been anything of note? It’s almost like I’m prepping myself for the year-end retrospective, because if I want to make 2014 count: there is still time!

Besides the usual angst about the turning of the seasons, I’m being my usual fretful self about the passing of the years (my birthday month is October, you see) and [blah, blah, blah]. Oh gawd, even I rolled my eyes at the ridiculousness. Anyone would think I was the only person on this earth subject to this ageing business!

And so… you’re probably wondering what a photo of a beaten-up old banger driving through The Rocks area of Sydney has to do with my musing here…

This is where I remind myself that old things can be, nay, are, interesting: The Rocks, for instance, which is one of the oldest parts of Sydney and a major tourist attraction for this very reason; and knackered automobiles well past their prime – they add something to the scenery. I couldn’t help but wonder where the old wheels had been and if any/some/all of those miles had been memorable. And not only that, I heard it approaching well before it arrived in frame. It announced itself quite unapologetically, oblivious to the notion that serenity might have been shattered just for those five sputtering minutes.

I’m sure I know some older folk who have the same effect on those around them. We always laugh and say, “Ah, isn’t s/he a character?” and everyone nods agreeably.

Old banger in The Rocks (2)


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