Thinking out loud

Early morning on a Monday public holiday. No one around but the odd cyclist, me and my restless feet. I took the photo becauseĀ if I had to describe how I was feeling at the time, I’d have said: this colour is how my ennui feels.

Sydney Opera House and cyclist

I’m not happy, I’m not sad. I think I could be at that stage in the relationship where I’m comfortable but no longer excited being around her. Glad to come home, always, of course – but catch myself wondering if I could be enjoying myself somewhere else.

It happens with humans, it happens with cities. Especially, if like me, you’ve lived in a few of ’em. (I wonder where I’ll end up…?)


4 thoughts

  1. you’re joking…you’re still blogging?! your site must have been down sometime months ago, and i thought that was that. good to hear from you, so to speak šŸ˜‰

    • Hullo, hullo! No, it wasn’t down. I needed a break, and wanted to wipe the slate clean, figuratively AND literally, while I focused more on photos (learning to use my camera). How are you these days? You took a break too – needed time to reset the switches, I guess?

      • i know what you mean about taking a break (replacing the switches, more like, in my case). i’m enjoying your photos, especially your early morning walks. and you made it to marrakech! and london, rome…it’s kind of weird, i feel as if we could have passed each other on the street.

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