Up and at ’em!

I’m not one for sleep-ins so being up and out of the apartment at 6am this morning wasn’t too much of a hardship. I know that for most people this would seem insane – especially on a Saturday – but I love the city when it’s early and most of its dwellers are still down for the count. Besides, I wasn’t having much joy trying to get back to sleep after waking before 5am so I figured I might as well do something else than create more crinkles in my sheets.

So I walked. Through the city first, then down to Woolloomooloo (where I snapped a quick shot of Finger Wharf still at rest, outdoor heaters ‘asleep’ – with my new iPhone 6), followed by a brief stop in Potts Point to buy a takeaway coffee – caffeine, for a change! -, sipping it slowly as I headed back to the city, making a beeline for the Royal Botanic Garden where I got my flower fix.

Three hours later, the FitBit had registered just over 10km and I was home again. Exercise, Vitamin D, and some shutter therapy – done, done and done. Hello Saturday!

Finger Wharf

Sydney buildings (2)

Spring flowers


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