End of day

At around 6pm yesterday I decided to make a quick stop in The Strand Arcade despite the fact that most of its tenant shops had shut for the day. It didn’t matter because I wasn’t of the mind to shop, having missed the day’s shopping hours quite happily.

The raised, upturned stools caught my eye as did the shiny tiles which are sometimes obscured by human traffic in the daytime, but it was mostly the stools…

As I was positioning myself for the shots, the voice in my head murmured disdainfully, “This must be the mundanest of the mundane.” I guess the blank looks on the faces of the two below might more or less confirm the notion; the solo stroller on the other side was too far for me to clock his facial expression.

What can I say in my defence? Having worked in hospitality for a number of years (mainly the university ones), I relate to the stools positioned in this way. They signal the day’s end in the same way that the sunset does for most of us. Been thinking about ‘other’ jobs lately, and by that I mean jobs that you can walk away from at the end of the day. (But that’s all. Just thinking.)

Strand Arcade-Closing time (2)

Strand Arcade-Closing time (1)


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