Departure time

Well, actually, it was arrival and departure. When I got to London Kings Cross, I skulked around the station for a bit before eventually getting on the Tube to the West End. And I arrived ahead of time (more than was necessary) for my return to York so that I could skulk some more. This was after I’d already ‘done’ York. Is there a name for someone who isn’t a train spotter, but rather a train station spotter? Someone on Instagram said “#gunzel“, but I think maybe I’d simply settle for ‘rail fan’.

Name-calling aside, how cool is the departures concourse of London Kings Cross? Wikipedia states that the steel structure criss-crossing over the concourse is supposed to call to mind a ‘reverse waterfall’. I think it’s more like the jet of a fountain shooting upwards then lavishly blooming out overhead before giving in to gravity.

Kings Cross (8)

Kings Cross (4)

Kings Cross (1)

Kings Cross (2)

Kings Cross (5)

Kings Cross (7)

Kings Cross (3)

Kings Cross (9)


2 thoughts

  1. Yes… I loved the old and new meeting at each of the tube stations / come train stations. Actually – it was the gloss finish of each of the tube stations and the tiles each one used that really fascinated me! Kings Cross was pretty spinny though… I think I had a sore neck for the first few days as I was always looking up! 🙂

    • Tell me about it! Besides the neck ache, it’s also a tad hazardous looking up all the time – the number of times I tripped. Funny the stuff we fixate on or find fascinating. I couldn’t say I noticed the finish(es) – gloss or otherwise – at all!

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