“Space here becomes time”

It does, I suppose, if you hoist the statement up high and simply say so: Space here becomes time. (Who am I to disagree?)

These were taken in London’s Leadenhall Market, which surely must be counted as one of the City of London’s jewels and most popular tourist attractions. I remember when I first ‘met’ Leadenhall, some time in 1996, I wished I worked in the City – not for the city boys, mind, but rather because I wanted Leadenhall to be on my work doorstep, so I’d easily find myself trotting through it either to or from the office simply because it was on the way.

After many years, and repeat visits, I still find it impossible to stroll through Leadenhall without my eyes travelling upwards – there’s just so much gorgeousness, detail and vastness to take in. I love the ornate features of this structure, and the fact that it continues to function today in the same way as it did, i.e. as a market, way back when it was built in the 14th century. We should all be so lucky to have such a firm grasp on longevity.

This space here becomes -is- Time.

If you’re wondering what those books were, I think they were an art installation or similar. I was in a hurry the entire time I was here – I felt like I was being hustled by the Hub – so I couldn’t linger as I normally do, and I certainly didn’t stop to work out who had strung up the books or what ‘it’ all meant. (If you know, please leave a comment…?)

London-Leadenhall-Space here becomes time




(I’d actually forgotten about these photos from London, and quite many more besides. I’m actually a bit stressed about how many there seem to be. I feel like I should ban myself from taking any more until I’ve posted all the ones I want to share. Is it possible to be overwhelmed by your hobby? Does anyone else who reads this ever feel the same way about ‘too many’ photos?)


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