SAB / 80

Besides (and beside, well, opposite) the bicycle rack, I also found much to behold in the form of RMIT’s Building 80, official name Swanston Academic Building. Another eye-catching facade all geometric, jagged, triangular shapes and not a straight wall in sight. I’d guess that the equally colourful stack of blocks close by was student accommodation.

I continue to cultivate a fascination with buildings of this type, despite the fact that for most people the idea of working (or residing) in a multi-storey tower block would be labelled as Living Hell. But it is the reality of our cities and modern existence. So, why not make them an earmark of their urban environment, a point of interest, a bold statement! Needless to say, Building 80’s features are all state-of-the-art and designed with environmental sustainability in mind.

I wish I had been able to go into the building for the experience of inside-looking-out.

RMIT Building 80 (4)

P8230094RMIT Building 80 (2)

RMIT Building 80 (6)

M beside Building 80

RMIT Building 80 (5)

RMIT Building 80 (3)


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