RMIT Design Hub, close/up

I had seen the building from the cab last Friday night as our taxi made its way from the airport to the hotel on Exhibition Street. I resisted the urge to call out “Stop the car!” instead I rubber-necked as we whizzed past, eyes as wide as the round disks comprising the facade of RMIT Design Hub.

Such a cool building. What purpose those disks? Solar panels? Hot building! As it turns out, they are capable of this function, but do not currently serve as such. Ah, a shame! Renewable energy, solar power, shouldn’t we be all over that in all the ways possible in this day and age? Not quite so hot after all.

Side note: I wonder if the security camera was working. You know how they sometimes have the gadgets installed, but they’re not actually switched on/recording? Anyway, if the camera was on, sorry RMIT for the appearance of yours truly in multiple frames. Besides a thing for buildings, I also have a thing for photographing cameras – still, moving image, security, whatever. (Honestly?, this is where I stop, because if I were to share my list of Things I Love To Photograph, my inner freak would be exposed in all her non-glory.)

RMIT Design Hub (1)

RMIT Design Hub (5)

RMIT Design Hub (4)

RMIT Design Hub (3)

RMIT Design Hub security camera


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