A few from Queen Victoria Market

I don’t really eat doughnuts. Of course I did used to enjoy them when I was younger – I remember it being such a treat whenever my mother brought one or two of those home, and I’d get a quarter or a half. (Siblings are good y’all. They teach you early how to share.) That was back in the day before ‘nutritionist’ was an actual profession, ‘clean-eaters’ were people who didn’t require bibs, and [white] sugar wasn’t regarded as Poison.

I was only interested in the doughnut van last Saturday at the Queen Victoria Market (QVM) because we don’t have any doughnut vans in Sydney. (Or do we? Feel free to correct me if they do exist in this town.) I was surprised that the queue wasn’t longer, but I suppose I could’ve gotten there exactly 10 seconds post-doughnut rush. I wasn’t tempted to get into the queue myself. M. and I were keener on croissants of the almond variety but for whatever reason, we didn’t really commit to the notion; we just kept strolling past those bakeries with their tantalising displays of baked goods.

…Well, I may not know M.’s reason(s) but my lack of commitment to the croissant was because I’ve been avoiding flour-based products since June or thereabouts. Not in any vanity-laced way, mind. My gut had/has been acting up against gluten; it’s not pretty, and quite painful. I always used to pooh-pooh the notion of gluten-free anything because, hello, bread (freshly baked with curls of unsalted butter)? Noodles? Fried battered fish, fried battered anything?! That’s all in the past now. These days, I merely fantasise about almond croissants. (No joke, I just did a huge sigh, and got asked what the matter was.)

So while wandering through the QVM, I did not take any pictures of bread, even though I saw many lovely looking [artisanal?] loaves that were crying out to be lashed with butter on the spot, right there and then. The doughnut van was about as close as I got to that stuff. I focused my attention instead on the vibrantly coloured rhubarb, the salted and Century eggs (took that photo with one of my sisters in mind, ’cause it reminded me of the pei daan juk, congee with Century egg, we’ve enjoyed on her past visits to Sydney), and that bright-eyed salmon which made me think of sashimi, yes, please, thank you very much.

QVM doughnut truck

QVM beetroot (2)

QVM eggs

QVM fish


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