Lost in the laneways

I didn’t realise it at the time but it seems I gravitated toward faces in those laneways. Some of these shots were taken in Hosier Lane, while the others were not; in fact, I don’t know where I was exactly but I think are two other locations featured here, besides Hosier.

Lost in random laneways, but loving it.

My real life never features colours as bright as these. I confess to being that boring person who wears a great deal of black to work, and a lot of white on the weekend. I have one or two brightly coloured items of clothing in the wardrobe, but I reckon they get a look-in once or three times a year. And where this, my hobby, is concerned I’m constantly, consciously, consistently having to remind myself that it doesn’t always need to be in black & white. (Oh, but I do love the starkness of b&w.)

That said, I found the colours mesmerising in Melbourne.

I still do now…

Hosier Lane (8)

Hosier Lane (11)

Hosier Lane (11)

Hosier Lane (14)

Hosier Lane (15)

Hosier Lane (9)

Hosier Lane (10)

Hosier Lane (13)

Laneway art (4)



7 thoughts

  1. Hosier Lane is pretty much a legal wall to paint. Some of the pieces have been there a while but some get painted over pretty quick. The rule is go over if you can do better. But tagging, paste ups and quick pieces often infringe to a point where it is better to start again.

  2. Because Hosier is visited and painted so often, I think you would expect to get painted over at some point. Stoushes pop up but are pretty rare. Not so often in places like Hosier.

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