Pinus pinea

Here I am! Still in Rome. Honestly, I thought I would’ve moved on by now…

It’s been weeks since I returned, but today as I look at these photos I realise I’m still fascinated by the trees. Stone pine, according to ever trusty Wikipedia. They’re also called umbrella or parasol pine, which is apt, given that they look perfectly shaped to provide shelter from either sun or light showers. Not that I got beneath one of these. I was more interested in getting them in my photos. Mind you, it might’ve made an interesting shot looking up from under, but clearly I missed my chance. (Or then again, maybe not.)

I’m sure I’ve seen one of these in Sydney’s Botanical Gardens, but it wasn’t quite as tall or upright as the ones I saw in Rome. Rome’s pinus pinea look like they’re propping up the sky over those tightly packed rooftops.

Rome trees (3)Rome trees (2)Rome cityscape


One thought

  1. Wonderful shots. The trees look quite distinctive. Now i’ll have to see if I can find one in the Botanical Gardens, next time. Shouldn’t be that hard, should it? 🙂

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