Roaming in Rome

I realised last week that this month marks the anniversary of me acquiring my Olympus PEN E-P5. Happy One Year Anniversary, Oly! I’ve had a lot of fun with you in these last 12 months. Although I’m not a freshman photographer, I’m most definitely a learner – I know still have a lot to learn in this sphere. Every now and again, I find myself checking out courses with a view to helping me with the more technical aspects of photography but so far I haven’t found one I’ve felt compelled to sign up for. Course or no course, I have decided that as long as I keep practising, I’ll be OK. Fortunately, I’m yet to tire of wanting to take photos, I’m always keen to practice…

Especially when I’m on holiday, and most definitely when we were in Rome, with its ages-old streets, art, architecture. We walked for hours and miles, it was hot, the traffic was horrendous in places (I didn’t really take any photos of those so you’ll just have to believe me on that score – crossing the street was quite terrifying because Rome doesn’t do ‘the green man’ so pedestrians simply step out onto the crossing, and hope that the motorists decide to stop)… but it was just so invigorating to be surrounded by all of that energy.

Oh, enough chatter already! I hope you like these shots, they’re a few of my favourites from Rome’s old streets. (I know, I know, there’s a Coliseum shot in there – not strictly ‘street’; I couldn’t share my Rome pics without including that old ‘place’.)

Rome street (2)


Wall of words

Rome sculpture

Rome street (1)

Rome cobbled street


2 thoughts

    • Thank you! I really felt that I was making some headway when I was looking again at these on the weekend. Really glad you like. Rome is such an amazing place. So inspiring.

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