The View from The Shard

To the eyes of the ex-resident and now visitor, London and its skyline has changed a lot. There are a great deal more shiny, new structures scattered around the old city now, and although I know that many locals feel the new additions take away from the quintessential feel of London, I loved them. I couldn’t stop exclaiming at their towering presence as we strolled around in the bright July sunshine (I think it was a 30C+ day), and of course, I had The Shard in my sights.

I’d pre-booked the tickets about a month before the trip, even marking a reminder to do so in my diary for fear I would forget. I’d have loved to have booked a sunset timeslot, but our schedule just didn’t allow for it – so we found ourselves doing The View from The Shard at around lunchtime.

As I look at the photos now, I’m struck by the colour of the river -brown?-, the haze and the enormous city spread out below/before us. It sounds silly, I know London’s a big place -did I say before that I used to live there?- but wow, from Level 69, it’s impressive. As a city-dwelling architecture lover, The Shard is like, ahem, porn to this building nerd. I’m really glad I got to see The View.

Taking in the view

London from the Shard

Shard lookup

Shard x Underground

Our tickets for The View from The Shard were GBP 24.95 each. More info on tickets and packages on the website.


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