Waiting for the 08:02…

Of course I was early for the 08:02 train from York to London so I used the opportunity to snap a few pics while I waited. Some train stations, like this one, have a certain old fashioned feel about them. They call to mind the bygone days when trains were the main means of travelling great distances, before the advent of air travel and well before it became accessible to most of us.

My eyes travel along the tracks, and even before the train arrives, I hear the chug-chug-chug, and the blast of the horn. I feel the sense of promise, the anticipation of a distant but not impossibly far-off destination. Train travel excites me more than its airborne equivalent. I can visualise myself hurtling along a track through the countryside in the way I can’t quite grasp the notion of myself flying through the air. (And don’t even mention the ocean option – I’m prone to sea sickness.)

Ah, here’s the train now…

York train station (4)

York train station (2)

York train station (1)

York train station (5)


4 thoughts

  1. You made me start thinking about the Orient Express – one day maybe. 🙂
    Trains have that effect. And what an impressive station. Makes our ones look like poor cousins.

    • I feel the same about the Orient Express. But closer to home, I’d like to go on the Indian Pacific, too.

      Funny out should mention… I didn’t want to be unkind about our own, but I honestly couldn’t conjure up any similar thoughts about Central Station, for instance.

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