A few facades from Barcelona

Still here there. Barcelona, I mean.

I was not immune to Barca’s charms, not in the least, from the pedestrian to the crazy (yo, Casa Batllo!) to the enormously famous (La Sagrada Familia, I’m looking’ at you)!

If you think I spent a great deal of time looking up, you’d be right. Anyone who knows someone of the snap-happy nature is familiar with this refrain: “Stop, stop, just wait a sec-!” (Then, the apology: “Sorry, I just couldn’t go past without…”) That was me.

And besides that, I felt like I was cheating on Sydney the entire time I was in Barcelona. Because Sydney is pretty awesome in its own way, but I had -still have- an enormous crush on Barcelona. I don’t know when it’s going to subside either.

And more than anything, I really wanted to be a local, standing on her balcony, checking out the city below.

Barcelona (18)

Barcelona (20)

Barcelona (25)

Barcelona (19)

Barcelona (17)

Barcelona (23)

Barcelona (24)



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    • Thanks. 🙂 I do sometimes get home and feel like I need a good massage in the neck and shoulder area. But I never think about it at the time. 😉

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