Jardin Majorelle

Jardin Majorelle in July. I think the mercury was already nudging the mid- to high-30Cs by the time we arrived at just after 9.30am. We surely would’ve arrived sooner had yours truly not sprained her ankle a mere five minutes after leaving the Riad. (And before you ask, I was in sensible shoes – gym trainers! – and what’s more, the right ankle is the ‘good’ ankle, the left ankle having been party to the metatarsal break a few years ago. But let’s not dredge up old war stories just now, eh?)

Suffice to say, the Jardin was as welcome a sight as it was a physical relief. Shady cool spots beneath towering bamboo, level walking surfaces for those of us with dodgy ankles, benches for contemplation…

However, I don’t think I sat down long enough for any substantial contemplation. I was too busy hobbling around soaking up, in the usual snap-happy manner, the beauty of the gardens. A colleague had mentioned that when she’d visited Jardin Majorelle some years ago it was somewhat run-down (she might even have been a little disappointed?) so I had told myself not to expect too much.

I was not disappointed in the least! Birdsong, babbling fountains, all that Majorelle blue, they were a balm to the senses. (I was quite surprised that the strong contrasting cobalt blue, ochre, green and fluorescent yellow weren’t jarring at all.) And did I mention the tall gently swaying bamboo? I was even charmed by the cacti. Marrakech can be quite in-your-face, I think, especially for first time visitors as we were – the calm here was the opposite of everything outside. I could’ve stayed there for half a day easily…

Side-note: in the third photo down, to the left of the couple is a Jardin Majorelle staff member leaning against the wall, checking his mobile phone; in case you thought it was someone waiting pensively for [xyz].

We repaired to Le Grand Cafe de la Poste afterward for some mint tea, as you do. Were it not for the ankle incident, I’d have scored the morning a five out of five stars. Ah, well, you can’t have everything!

Marrakech map + JardinM + GCdlPJardin Majorelle entranceJardin Majorelle entranceJardin Majorelle walkJardin Marjorelle cobalt blueJardin Majorelle cacti Jardin Majorelle cacti (2)Jardin Marjorelle houseGrand Cafe de la PosteEntry to Jardin Majorelle was MAD 50 which is about AUD 6.50. Well worth (not from the monetary sense) the visit even for those of us less inclined toward pursuits of the botanical nature. 

Le Grand Cafe de la Poste is about 15 to 20 minutes’ walk from Jardin Majorelle, or you could hop in a cab – the drivers will call out to you as soon as you exit, of that you can be sure – for a seven minute ride and not too many dirhams. 


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