Not fresh as a daisy


Jetlag, you beast. After lying awake for almost four hours, I finally gave up and decided it was time to resurrect the blog. Not sure how the two are connected, but there you have it. I guess this means I’m back. That aside, this is what I have learnt in the last few months. I’m a light terrible sleeper, and it seems the prescribed “Take one tablet” does not work. I have tried and failed three times now. Once in New York, another time on a plane, and last night (in Sydney) – you’d think sleeping in the comfort of my own bed would at least count for something?! – and each of those has been an exercise in hopelessness and disappointment. I’m being dramatic, I know. There are many things in this world more important than My Precious Sleep, but I need a certain number of hours each night to be functional at work the next day. Instead, I lie there listening to the clock tick, the fridge hum, the wind howl around the corners of my building. (True, it is winter, but come on, wind, don’t you ever get tired?) And before you think I’m a big ole prescription drugs [ab]user, let me say now and upfront: I’m not. I’d rather not take them. At all. I only ever reach for them in semi- to desperate situations, of which last night was one due to the sleeplessness on the plane from London to Sydney via Hong Kong.

I feel like I’ve been awake for two days, which I suppose in a way is almost right. Guess who won’t be daisy-fresh at the office in a few hours’ time…?


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