Morning in Hyde Park

No doubt about it, I’m a morning person – always have been, always will be. Although I admire the idea of sleeping in, and sometimes express envy at those who seem to do it regularly and easily, the truth of it is that I don’t feel I’m missing out by not indulging in more sleep. Instead, on […]

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Time goes by

And so… you’re probably wondering what a photo of a beaten-up old banger driving through The Rocks area of Sydney has to do with my musing here…

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Chinese Garden of Friendship

Another Saturday, another morning of wandering around Sydney looking like a tourist (i.e. with the camera in hand). Yesterday saw me in the Chinese Garden of Friendship – a place I hadn’t visited in two decades! I was reminded of its existence only recently due to the Hub finding some old photos, a few of which had been taken […]

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Long shadows signal the final hour of daylight. There’s something sad and yet unsurprising about this time of day. You expected it, you knew it was to come, and yet, it still has the means to wring a sigh from your heart. I had some long shadows on a couple of friendships this past year or […]

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Up and at ‘em!

I’m not one for sleep-ins so being up and out of the apartment at 6am this morning wasn’t too much of a hardship. I know that for most people this would seem insane – especially on a Saturday – but I love the city when it’s early and most of its dwellers are still down […]

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